About Us

With decades worth of experience, SB International is a revered and well reputed trading partner for sourcing and manufacturing a wide range of quality products from Thailand.


We have agents across the following locations:

We supply you with what you need using our resources, and we quality control goods that you purchase before they leave the suppliers. And we handle packaging assortment and exportation of the goods from point A to point B.

We do accept cash payments, T/T, and D/P.

Delivery time is a factor that is dependent amongst 3 things. Firstly, are the goods purchased available in stock or are they order to make (which usually requires us to give lead times and deadlines). Secondly, what certifications are required to export the goods into the recieving country. Lastly, date of shipment, what vessels are available and what size are the container loads. Hence approximately 15-90 days depending on our client’s purchases and referred factors.

We have three kind of containers:

20 ft. container

40 ft. container

40 ft. high cube container

We do both FCL and LCL. FCL stands for full container load, which is highly advised and has a lower cost as opposed to a LCL which stands for loose container load, which costs substatianlly more.

We can export anywhere in the world, given thorough detailed requirements and inquiries. We are Internationally persevered exporters.

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